Leryn Franco Measurements

Leryn Franco is best known for her impeccable athletic ability, and for representing Paraguay at the Beijing Olympics, however Ms. Franco has since gone on to become a pretty successful model as well.

Known for her breathtaking beauty, Leryn also has a sensationally curvaceous body, unfortunately we couldn't find any information regarding her measurements, but if i had to guess, I'd say shes approximately 34-24-33. How does that sound?

Leryn Franco Best Hairstyle

Leryn Franco is best known for her athletic ability, but clearly she is just as beautiful as she is talented, so tonight's topic is related to style.

Which of these stunning hairstyles worn by Leryn Franco is your personal favorite fashion statement? The long sleek straight or the curly medium shoulder length hairstyle?

I think both hairstyles are fabulous, but the extra curly hairdo is a little bit loud for my taste, so i think the sleek straight style takes the cake for me.


Leryn Franco Sunglasses

Calling all sunglasses experts on the world wide web! Does anybody know the brand and model name of the sunglasses Leryn Franco is wearing this photo?

There is now reward, just be nice and share the information with me, if you know the answer. Thank you!

Leryn Franco Height

We all know that Leryn Franco is a stunningly fit physical specimen of atheistic beauty, but do you know the height of this amazing star from Paraguay?

Leryn Franco is said to stand 5 feet 8 inches tall.

She is nothing short of perfection!